How to change faces in adobe Photoshop

One of the most difficult things to do in Adobe Photoshop when you have a Photograph with a group of peoples and they all have the smiling face in the same frame. Let take a look of the Photos below.

You can see the image at left has a lady with a baby boy and everyone look great except the lady who has her eyes closed like a middle of the mid boning there.

Selecting tool in Adobe Photoshop

Now take a look at the image on the right side, now she looks great in this image but the baby here does not look quite good. Here you need to combine these two images. Press ‘ Esc ‘ key to get out from there or use Ctrl + click in order to select both of the images from your adobe bridge and then chose Tool > Photoshop > Load files in the Photoshop layers.

It will open up in a single document and place you both of the images in a unique layer in the documents. So now we can toggle on and off but we see that the zoom of the camera. The camera position might even change between these two exposures so you would like to auto align these two images together.

Use Auto align box in Adobe Photoshop

In order to do saw, select both of the images and the layers panels and then chose edit and then auto align layers. Make sure that Auto is selected and turn off the Auto-align layer box and Cosmetic Destruction and click ok.

Now you can toggle it on and off and you can see how they’re much better to align. You need to mask these images and make an image in which everyone is smiling. Now zoom ( Ctrl + plus sign ) and hold down the space bar and towards the required area.

Changing face with the help of Adobe Photoshop

If we look to the two layers, here you have top layer right now and you have to make some logically to make sense by moving the good image to the bottom of the layers stack and hide the top layer. In Adobe Photoshop when you toggle on the visibility the second image will show behind to the first image. Now it is very easy to replace the face of the girl.

Now add a layer mask but the default layer mask in white. Now move towards her face and with your brush tool selected, here you make sure that you have a brush with normal mode with 100% opacity and you are painting with white because everything in this layer is hidden including the good version.

Let’s start painting the girl’s face and you are painting the top layer and you have a new face which is actually the face from the second image where her eyes are open. You always wanna make sure that you toggle on and off this layer to make sure that you don’t have anything for weird. If the painted image is a little bit larger then use Adobe Photoshop transform tool to make it actual sizing.


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