How To Turn On A Computer In Sleep Mode

Lots of computers these days are setup to automatically fall asleep after a certain length of inactivity. It usually depends on your operating system, such as Windows or Mac, and your system settings, which can be modified at any time.

You’ll usually know your computer is in sleep mode by the lit presence of the computers power LED light, however the actual computer screen will simply appear blank, or turned off.

How To Turn On A Computer In Sleep Mode

There is a difference between sleep mode and a screen saver. In the case of a screen saver being active, you’ll usually be able to resume normal activity on your computer simply by moving the mouse around, or pressing any key on your keyboard. However, in the case of your computer being in sleep mode, these actions will not always work.

While in sleep mode, you’ll want to locate your computers power button, as well as the power LED light. Many times, the power light will be flashing rapidly, indicating partial power, or “sleep mode”.

Once you’ve located your computers power button, simply press it once, and release. After waiting a few moments, your computer monitor should activate and your computer should resume normal mode. If this is not the case, however, you will need to try another option.

Another option is to press and hold the power button for up to 3 seconds. This is an option commonly used on older model computers to release them from the sleep mode. Be careful not to hold the power button for too long, because this could trigger an emergency shut off action, in which case complete power to your computer will be shut off. This action is only to be used in extreme cases, and is not necessary for resuming operation from sleep mode.

Lastly, if all other options do not work, you’ll want to try repeatedly press the power button several times until you notice the power light on your computer glow steady. Again, in sleep mode, the power button will typically flash rapidly, denoting its sleep mode status. Once the power button glows steady, this is an indication sleep mode has been exited, and normal operation mode has been commensed.


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