How to use Diffuse Glow filter in adobe Photoshop

A quick and easy way to make an image look as it was a photograph in an infrared film in Adobe Photoshop is to take it to Greyscale and then add a Diffuse Glow filter. So first you have to adjust your adjustment panel in order to add a Black and White adjustment.

Let’s start with one of the Presets. Here you noticed that there is one for infrared. Here you think that the Green slider is a little bit too light so pull back the green slider as well as the yellow little bit to just tone down the greenery or yellowish area of your image. Also, pull the blue slider little bit to the left to darken down the sky in your image.

Starting the Diffuse Glow filter in Adobe Photoshop

Now add your diffuse glow to the background layer but in order to do this in a non-destructive manner so convert this layer into a  smart object by Right mouse clicking and choosing convert to smart object. Now it’s a smart object and now you can add the diffuse filter but in order to do this Tab the ” D ” key to make sure that your default foreground and background colors are black and white and then you choose a filter and then filter gallery.

In Filter Gallery, you can see your entire image so you can Fit in view and then use the diffuse glow filter to selected so we can adjust the amount of Graininess in this image, The Glow amount as well as the Clear amount.

Now your image looks in a way as you desire and by the ways its in color that you actually applying with these filters as a smart filter to a smart object but here you not seeing the black and white of your image but as soon as you click OK the Adobe Photoshop will preview not only your filter but obviously the filter on top of it.

The great thing about applying filter in Adobe Photoshop is going back in and make changes you want too or you can make the blending options and you have full authority to make the changes with the layers underneath it and you can even go back to your black and white adjustment layer and change the opacity to bringing back in to a few colors.


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