How to use Refine Edge tool in adobe Photoshop

When you are editing with Photoshop, you can observe fur on fluffy animals is hard to select but using the Refine edge function makes it easier. Fluff, hair and uneven edges are the most challenging to work on when attempting to make a clean cut selection. Luckily there is a solution easier than painstaking selection the perimeter manually. The Refine edge command holds a host of options to soften the sides of the selection., making it great to tackle these bothersome elements.

Selecting in Refine edge tool

Refine edge is a command that needs and initial selection to be made before it becomes accessible. Use the Magnetic Lasso tool to make a rough selection of the subject before opening it up. While a rough selection is good, it does help to keep to the edges as much as possible.

How to flip between the right view

Toggle between View option in the Refine Edge menu to view your selection in a way that makes sense to you. The standard option shows the full image with the selection ants, but you can also choose to view the selection against a background or directly in Quick Mask mode. Press ” P “ to toggle through the various previews of the edge Refinements, Press ” F “ to cycle through the preview modes and F to temporarily preview the image.

How to use Shift Edge

Once the selection is made, use the Radius and Expand commands to fit that selection snugly to the subject. Radius improves the edge in areas with some transition and the fine details while expand will slowly move outwards by the number of pixels specified.

Match the adjustment with the Help of Refine tool

When working with Fur or other difficult selections, keep in mind the adjustment that will complement the nature of the selection. Adding Gaussian Blur to the background helps smooth out the edges and gives the images soft and professional look.

How to Adapt your Tool

If you are working with other animals, make compensation for the texture and characteristics of their covering  A penguin, for example, could benefit from being selected with a mixture of the Magic Wand and Refine Edge tool, as there is not as much hair or uneven surfaces to contend with.


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