Overview of Filter panel in adobe Photoshop

There are hundreds of filters that shipped with Adobe Photoshop and they are all located under the filter menu in Adobe Photoshop. In Photoshop CS6, the filter can be resorted and re-categorized and they are broken down into a lot of smaller groups.

But honestly, it is easy to either been to more autistic filters you are applied or the more practical filters that you are applied. Let’s just discuss briefly Realistic Filters. A lot of realistic filters are found under the filter gallery and you can add up many of these filters if you want like you can stack on top of each other and each filter has its own set of options that directly related to that filter.

Filter panel in Adobe Photoshop

You have many examples of Realistic filters and you can do anything by turning your image to a graphics drawing like you do it with pen and you can create a stamp out of it or you can add blown relief or you can do it with color pencils.

There are even filters that distorted your images like to co ordinance ways to startles. When you have a little bit of time, we highly recommend to go to the Adobe Photoshop filter gallery and take a look at all to all of the different effects that have achieved.

One of the things you remember that in these tutorials we will be converting layers to smart objects and as soon as we have a small object we will apply filters in Photoshop that you can apply that as a smart filter so you are not redirected to old nondestructive editing model because

Why use filters in Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is so good now and it has as many filters as we want but make sure that these are all nondestructive and you have to decide how you play with the other layers as far as they are a blend and their opacity as well as mask them so we can make them selective filters.


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